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Press release

View and download press releases issued by Parrot on its activities, partnerships, financial results and other important events.

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Quaterly financial information

 Q1 2015 Earnings 13/05/2015

 Q2 2015 earnings 30/07/2015

 Q3 2015 earning 16/11/2015

Permanent information

 New head of Sales & Marketing 11/02/2016
 Parrot introduces Sequioa a high precision sensor for agriculture drones 09/02/2016
 CES 2016 05/01/2016

 Parrot reminds the terms of the Liquidity Period of the Warrants 16/12/2015
 Success of the rights offering 11/12/2015
 Parrot Bebop 2, the all-in-one drone! 20/11/2015
 Terms of the rights offering for an amount of approximately €300 million 19/11/2015
 ‘Flight Plan’ app for Bebop Drone 23/10/2015
 Drone developments ramping up 02/10/2015
 Parrot Zik 3: Everything a headset should offer 04/09/2015
 Parrot further expands its civil drone business 15/06/2015
 A new generation of connected robots coming late July! 12/06/2015
 Parrot’s Bebop Drone achieves French civil aviation authority approval for professional use 18/05/2015
 Legal proceedings in the United States 04/05/2015
 Parrot Inc. sets up in San Francisco 27/04/2015
 A Premium German car maker selects Parrot for its new Rear Seat Entertainment 13/04/2015
 Cancellation of treasury stock - Resumption of share buyback program 11/03/2015
 Inmarsat takes off with BGAN-powered Bebop drone from Parrot at CABSAT 10/03/2015
 Initial earnings guidance for 2014 and strategy for 2015 27/01/2015
 CES 2015 05/01/2015